August 17, 2010


The adventure in life often begins with the word, "yes." I was asked a few months ago to be a guest speaker at 8 different Calgary Library branches this fall and said yes. The topic is based on my book of a few years ago, "THE WEST COAST TRAIL: One Step at a Time." What they are interested in is the adventure and how it affected me and what changes have occurred in my life as a result.

I have been busy creating and promoting a new workshop called "Write your book in 48 days" and have not given the Library talks much thought over the summer but a few ideas are beginning to percolate. All adventures have the word, YES at the beginning whether they are outdoor travel trips, life changing decisions or simply expanding the horizons of our mind. Many of my audience members will be seniors and I think I will title my talk, "JUST SAY YES" and encourage them to join the conversation that is going on all around us.

Many of us spend our later years watching the conversation as it grows larger and larger through new media sources with new ideas and methods of distribution. Yes, I am talking about the internet and Facebook and the hundreds of other conversations that are being held on YouTube and other places like blogs. We do not need to understand how it works, but just know that it does, and it allows all of us, young and old, to participate in the world and be part of the conversation.

Rather than stand idly by and watch television, I will invite and encourage my audience to join in and JUST SAY YES.

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