June 11, 2010


A friend of mine recently posted his first video on YouTube promoting a program that he offers to the world. I just viewed it and it got me to thinking - go ahead, take your best shot!

He is an entertaining and engaging speaker when in the classroom and has spoken professionally for years but YouTube is a brand new animal for him. It did not surprise me that there was the odd stumble but it did not detract from the experience. Most people viewing a video will connect with a person who shows their human side. On the other hand, the world is also full of people - most of them friends and acquaintances - who will look at our efforts and find the faults, the criticisms, the mistakes and focus on them.

It does not matter whether we are speakers, trainers, writers or artists, the world is full of critics looking for the opportunity to edit and correct - it must make them feel important. I think this has happened to most of us and it keeps many people from taking their creativity into the world - sadly.

So here's my point, when someone points us to their most recent effort, we should applaud and encourage them - there is plenty of time later for editing. Nothing will have been lost by a sincere effort to capture our thoughts and ideas and present them to the world - warts and all. Waiting for perfection holds back more brilliant ideas than were ever created by the correctors.

We all need a coach or mentor who will cheerlead us to greatness and encourage us to step out and just do it. Are you the cheerleader or the critic? Way to go HJ - nice job!

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  1. Thanks Bob. I believe in putting it out there and then making the improvements. When we hold back we rob the world of our creativity, ingenuity and bravado.
    So, thanks for the post