February 21, 2010


Sometimes it just takes longer than I think it will. I decided many months ago that my website was not serving me particularly well and that it needed to be updated desperately. At some point in time ( New Year's Intentions, maybe?) (last year???) I also decided to take the technology leap and learn how to operate things like cellphone cameras, microwave clocks and word processing software. It was not difficult to learn that the average person could also build and upload a webpage. Not difficult to learn that it was possible, putting it into practice on the other hand...
I found a site builder that sounded good and proceeded to purchase it and even advised some friends to do the same - they did and wow what a job they did - look here. I started, restarted, got frustrated, rerestarted, changed my mind, rererestarted and on it has gone for almost a year. I finally put my mind to the task - and the exclusion of most others - and last weekend dedicated, or barricaded myself to working in my office. The results are supposed to be up and running tomorrow and I am quite proud of the attempt. I hope you will make a note to take a look at www.RobertJBannon.com when you get a chance. If something is not working right, I will by busy again trying to fix it, change it and restart it. Enjoy!

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