June 10, 2009


n. 1. a feeling of sickness in the stomach characterized by an urge to vomit brought on by overexposure to technobabble
2. strong aversion; disgust with all things technical

as in: "I can't understand this, I don't want to understand this, I'm sick of reading crap I don't understand, I've had enough, get me the hell out of here! click"

I lost my new cellphone and spent time yesterday retracing my steps to find it, to no avail and so had to go to the phone dealer and suspend the service. While there, I inquired about new products, plans, etc. The girl was a terrible representative who asked no questions about my purpose for a phone, how I would use it, etc. Rather, she showed me several and said, "These are popular." I didn't want popular. I wanted someone to show me a product that would be suitable and useful for my needs. Her questions were based on technology not customer needs.
I was trying to create a cloaked affiliate link and couldn't figure out the code to use so went to a website that is very useful in showing how to do this sort of thing but couldn't find the information and when I found something close - technobabble! People trying to outdo each other with terms that no one outside the "club" can understand.
Now I have to figure out what kind of phone, calling plan, Blackberry, not Blackberry, term, how much, etc. and decide what to do in the next couple of days. I need to get back on line and get the links correct as well as finish a website that is in development and the weather is just plain crappy - too cold to golf.
No wonder I shut the whole darn thing down and went home and planted flowers.
I had a case of recurring TECH-NAUSEA.

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