April 2, 2009

HEALTHY BODY: HEALTHY MIND a mistake that I have made

I should insert a little bit of advice here for those of you who are following along. Advice based on a mistake that I made in following Dr. Hyman's program to an Ultra Mind. I have mentioned before that this is a six week program of eating nutritional food, supplements and exercise and it really, really works well. I have tons of evidence of the health benefits of eliminating some foods that our bodies don't recognize as food, but a key element of the Ultra Mind Solution is reintroducing the foods on a controlled basis and then by using the detailed questioning he provides, finding out what sensitivities we might have to various substances. This is crucial in the effort to create a healthy body and mind. The knowledge of what we can eat without returning to some of our old symptoms is paramount to being able to lead a normal life including eating out at restaurants and with friends. Armed with the knowledge of our body's reaction to milk, gluten or sugar (80% of food allergies are found within one or more of these products) gives us the opportunity to make informed decisions when faced with a large variety of food choices.

The error I made was to continue on the eating program beyond the 6 weeks without doing the recommended testing. In my defense, I felt so darned good that I just wanted that to continue for an indefinite time and I was also trying to support some other family members in their efforts to find amazing health and lose weight by not flaunting foods outside the Ultra Mind program. When I decided to eat hockey arena food and drink wine all on the same weekend, I did the inevitable "dive" in energy and also experienced a number of other symptoms including a certain "bunged-up-ness." While this is dramatic evidence of the effects that some of this stuff we call food have on our bodies, I don't know which ones caused what. My advice to those of you who have decided to embrace the incredible feeling of health that comes with Dr. Hyman's program is to follow his advice on testing yourself with the various foodstuffs and rigorously recording the results so that you can continue to live a long and healthy life armed with the knowledge of how to do just that.

In addition to correcting my tendency for run on sentences, I will now spend a couple of weeks staying true to the program and then go through the procedure of determining if I need to avoid certain substances in the future. I seem to have some evidence, for the first time in my life, that I may have some sensitivities to more than just schmaltzy movies. Anyway, more next time on the 7 biological systems that need to be in balance to create an Ultra Mind. If you haven't tried this program yet, do yourself the biggest favour of your life and do it for 6 weeks.

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